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Enthusiasm, Practice , Patience, Rest



Coach Cheung has received professional table tennis training since he was a child and won an academic award. As for the college, by chance, he decided to change the track to develop tennis movements, conduct training and become a member of the Xinghua Village team (League B) and professional tennis coach.


Prudential HK National Tennis Championships, CRC Open, SCAA Tennis Opens, and the Regional League. The rich competition experience is to observe the student's performance on the court and give a real-time improvement plan.

According to different people, to formulate the training goals and projects that have been recognized, students have achieved their personal requirements for their own. And in the classroom, explain to students in a relaxed and humorous form.


張教練從小接受專業乒乓球訓練並獲得學界獎項。截至就讀大專時, 因機緣巧合之下毅然決定轉換賽道發展網球運動,進行訓練並成為杏花村代表隊成員(league B)及專業網球教練。

香港保誠公開賽,中華遊樂會網球公開賽, 南華網球公開賽以及地區聯賽, 他也是以上球賽的常坐客。 豐富比賽經驗又在於觀察學生在球場上面的表現, 並給予即時改善方案。

根據不同人制定相認的訓練目標及項目, 已達成學生對自己的個人要求。 並在課堂中以輕鬆幽默形式向學生解釋重點。

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